Reverse Osmosis Water

“The Good Stuff”
High Quality Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis is a method of water purification. The resulting product is called Purified Water. The source water is pre-filtered through several different media (ie., activated charcoal, crushed garnet and aggregate material) prior to being forced, under high pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane. The end product is a very pure water devoid of the harmfulness, unpleasantness and distastefulness of chlorine, flouride, chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals.

Unlike ordinary tap water this high quality, purified water does not impact the natural flavors of foods and drinks. To the contrary you will find that when using this water your coffee, tea, juice, pasta, vegetables, etc will taste better.

Pure Water Plus produces a very high quality, great tasting purified water for your purchase and consumption.

Alkalized Reverse Osmosis Water

“The Really Good Stuff”
High Quality Alkalized & Mineralized Water Purification

Pure Water Plus has now made coral calcium alkalized/ionized water available in a bulk fill format. You bring in your own container (or buy one at the store) and fill it with health enhancing alkalized/ionized water!

This self-dispensing set-up provides access to all the benefits of drinking alkalized water at a much more affordable price.

The base water is made through using reverse osmosis. This water is a very clean, purified product. In order to achieve such high quality the water is pressure-forced through a very fine, semi-permeable membrane. This process is very effective in removing, and lowering the amount of, total dissolved solids (TDS) in the source water. This is a non-discriminatory method and so both beneficial and non-beneficial solids are removed. This includes many minerals. That is why R. O. water is typically acidic – less than a pH of 7.0. By taking this very clean water and organically re-mineralizing it you now have an exceptional drinking water.

Pure Water Plus uses an organic filter medium (coral calcium) which contains all the trace minerals found in the human body; in the same ratio. This means that your body will receive maximum benefit.

It is very beneficial to maintain your body in an overall state of mild alkalinity. Such a state discourages the development of bacterial supported diseases and conditions. This healthy environment is created by reducing the intake of acidic substances and increasing those which are alkaline. Drinking organically alkalized water on a daily basis is a very important step in this direction.

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